Neighbourhood Watch

Marina Management, Stanton Apartments Management and the Mariners Peninsula Body Corporate have met again recently with the Police Crime Prevention Unit and Officers in Charge of The Strand Beat with the view to coordinating efforts again this year to be sure our Marina Precinct remains safe and secure from vagrants and criminal pests.

For those of you who weren’t aware, the Breakwater Neighborhood Watch Program was introduced to our Precinct in July 2014 to combine with technology and services to reduce crime and improve personal safety. The Program centers its efforts on communities by encouraging residents to get to know each other, to look out for each other and to collectively make the job of thieves a lot more difficult.

The NHW subscription has tied the Marina Precinct more closely in to the local Policing network with daily patrols, information sharing, priority access to investigators and active engagement at our informal NHW members catch-ups being all important derivatives of being an active NHW Group.

We’re at a time of year when opportunist theft is statistically high and Police are reporting recent spikes in the incidence of vehicle theft, stolen number plates and residential break-ins. We’ve worked with local enforcement officers to arrange a follow-up security and safety catch-up for all Marina Guests and neighbouring residents to give you some insight in to what type and scale of criminal activity’s going on around you and what initiatives and campaigns are being used to counter it.

Most importantly, the Police want to listen to your stories aswell to better understand what it is you consider important to prevent and investigate crime, to protect people and their communities and to keep both public and private areas safe. Police are often frustrated with the emerging criminal trends which sees the average age of perpetrators dropping alarmingly and they know the preventative answer lies in building stronger communities.

So, we’ve organized a social gathering to get residents together and talking about issues, with representatives of the local Police, that are important to them and living in the Precinct.

We hope you can attend.